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How do I fill in the donor form?

When registering with the Donor Register, there are 4 choices: giving permission to donate, not giving permission to donate, allowing surviving dependents to decide or allowing a person you have delegated to decide. Even if you do not want to donate organs or tissues after your death, it is important to register that. Then you are certain that your wishes will be followed and you prevent your surviving dependents from having to make a difficult decision at such an emotional moment.

Choice 1 : Yes, I give permission

You make your organs and tissues available for transplant after your death. You may choose not to donate certain organs and tissues, and can indicate this on the form.

Choice 2 : No, I do not give permission

You do not make your organs and tissues available for transplant after your death.

Choice 3 : My family may decide

You leave the decision for your family and partner, if any. They decide if your organs and tissues are available for transplant. Your surviving dependents are, in sequential order:

Choice 4 : A person you have delegated decides

You leave the decision to a person you have delegated. On the donor form you enter the name and (address) data of the person you wish to delegate. You can enter only one person who will make the decision for you. If this data changes, you must inform the Donor Register. This can be done through the standard donor form or via digital registration.

How can you register your choice?

Frequently asked questions about donor registration are available in English at

You can register yourself in the Donor Register in 3 ways (only available in Dutch):

  1. Via digital registration with a DigiD code in the Donor Register.
  2. With a digital form that you will receive at a later time in the post at home.
  3. By completing a paper donor form and sending it to the Donor Register.

The Donor Register will send you confirmation of your registration within 6 weeks after receiving the digital registration or the donor form. Even if you have registered that you do not give permission for donation, you will receive confirmation of this. Your registration becomes valid four weeks after this confirmation. Your data will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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