Faith and organ donation

Many people have the same important question about organ donation and their faith. Does my body have to stay complete after my death? Or is charity more important? As a believer you would like an answer to these questions before you register as a donor.

How does the Islam think about organ donation?

In the Islam, it is important to help someone who is ill. However, for many Muslims, it is also important that the body remains intact after death. Hence, scholars of the Islam often come to different conclusions about organ donation. Most Muslim scholars are of the opinion that organ donation is allowed. In fact, they even recommend it. Others have their doubts about it. Donation of your organs is allowed on basis of the principle ‘And whoever saves her (the soul) is as if he saves the whole of humanity’ (Koran verse 5.32).

What does the Roman-Catholic Church think about organ donation?

The Roman-Catholic Church is positive about organ donation. The Catholic Church considers organ donation as a good deed, without self-interest and totally directed towards the other person. However, the donation of your organs or tissues can never be considered to be a duty.

What does Protestantism think about organ donation?

The Protestant Churches consider the choice to be a donor as a personal choice. There are different opinions within the Church. Some people think that organ donation clashes with the opinion that the human body should remain intact. The more liberal wing considers donation as a form of charity. In general, the Protestants agree that the absence of organs does not stand in the way of resurrection, in the same way as it is no problem for God when a leg or arm has been amputated.

How does Hinduism think about organ donation?

There are different opinions about organ donation within this faith. Some Hindus believe that their whole body should be surrendered after death. Karma and Rebirth is very important in Hinduism. Hindus sometimes say that we are not allowed to intervene and to endure our fate. However, the Hindu Scriptures also consider the showing of kindness and offering a helping hand to those who suffer to be of great importance. There are references in Hindu Scriptures that, according to Hindu convictions, support organ donation. Hindus should try making illnesses and difficult issues in life disappear for their fellow humans. Whether a Hindu should or should not become an organ donor should, according to the scholars, be left to the individual.

How does the Jewish faith think about organ donation?

There is a contradiction of opinion between the orthodox and liberal movements of the Jewish faith. The liberal movement considers that the principle of caring for life is more important than the integrity of the dead body. But the orthodox movement states: no violation of the integrity of the body is allowed, because the worldly housing has been made to God’s image and likeness.