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Afbeelding voor tijelijke vulling


Will Wroth 

Will Wroth is 51 years old. He is musician and the father of 2 children. 23 years ago he emigrated to the Netherlands from Australia and directly registered himself as donor. Watch his story here.

You can become donor too! 

In the Netherlands, everybody from the age of 12 can register his or her wishes in the Donor Registration, where you can indicate whether you would like to give up your organs or organic tissues after passing away. If you have already made a choice or have registered in your homeland, you will have to record your choice in the Netherlands too.

As donor you can save 8 lives

There are about 1.700 people waiting for a donor organ or donor tissue. Unfortunately, the 3,5 million registered donors are not enough to help everybody who needs a transplantation. That’s why every registration is very important. By becoming a donor, you can save up to 8 lives. Besides, the chance that you may ever need to have an organ is much higher than the chance of donating your organs after passing away. More information? Check out the overview of important facts about organ donation. 

About the organ donation procedure

There is a law for organ donation in the Netherlands, which ensures an honest distribution of organs and forbids trading. Organ and tissue donation are regulated under strict regulations and procedures.

How can you register?

In the Netherlands you can easily express your choice online in the donor register. That can be done by using your DigiD. You can also fill out an (online) application form. You can find a short explanation here

More information

  • What will happen when someone becomes organ or tissue donor after passing away? Watch this short movie (Dutch spoken!). 

Become a donor. What are you waiting for?