International Donor Surgery & Organ Perfusion Masterclass

The Masterclass contains both theory and practice on abdominal organ procurement, perfusion and preservation and is scheduled for end November/early December 2020. It will take place in the University Medical Center in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Target groups

  • Junior Surgeons/Surgical Fellows - involved in organ retrieval and preservation
  • Surgeons dedicated to abdominal organ procurement and transplantation, who participate in organ retrieval teams in their own transplant region and wish to receive specialized training in this field
  • Certified procurement surgeons who want to renew or expand their knowledge about modern methods of retrieval, perfusion and preservation
  • Abdominal Organ Preservation Practitioners or Operating Theatre Practitioners competent in all aspects of abdominal organ preservation and perfusion


Further information on final dates and registration will follow as soon as possible. Please check our website regularly.