International Donor Surgery & Organ Perfusion Masterclass

With 30 participants, the Masterclass in May 2022 was a huge success. 

Objective and description of the Masterclass

The Masterclass objective is to train attendees on standardized surgical techniques of abdominal organ procurement, up-to-date information concerning anatomy, principles of organ procurement and preservation. The Masterclass of 2022 presented information about kidney, pancreas and liver back-table surgery. Furthermore‘Abdominal Organ Perfusion Technology’ was part of the program.

Target groups

  • Junior surgeons/surgical fellows - involved in organ retrieval and preservation
  • Surgeons dedicated to abdominal organ procurement and transplantation, who participate in organ retrieval teams in their own transplant region and wish to receive specialized training in this field
  • Certified procurement surgeons who want to renew or expand their knowledge about modern methods of retrieval, perfusion, and preservation
  • Abdominal Organ Preservation Practitioners or Operating Theatre Practitioners competent in all aspects of abdominal organ preservation and perfusion

Masterclass in 2023?

At this moment in time, we do not  know whether there will be a Masterclass in 2023. Once we know more, we will inform the potential target groups.