Multi-Organ Donor Procurement surgery - DCD

The e-learning ‘Multi-Organ Donor Procurement surgery - DCD’ is developed for surgeons who are interested in abdominal organ procurement and transplantation surgery. This module focuses on the abdominal organ procurement of the DCD donor.

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Upon completion of the e-learning, the surgeon should be able to:

  • name all steps in the DCD procedure
  • explain about each step:
    • why this is undertaken
    • which alternative possibilities are available
    • which options are best suited
  • explain the difference in approach between DBD and DCD
  • name the basic principles of organ preservation in DCD donation
Preview e-learning
Preview e-learning


The module combines theory and short video’s with voice-over to illustrate the steps in each lesson. This module comprises of the following lessons:

  • General Principles
  • Preparation
  • Cannulation, decompression and perfusion
  • Organ dissection
  • Organ procurement
  • Splitting of liver and pancreas ex situ
  • Abdominal organ inspection before packing
  • Closing the donor body
  • Test


This e-learning is developed with the help of: A.G. Baranski (LUMC), H.S. Hofker (UMCG), J. Hunter (Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences) and C.H. Wilson (van The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals)

Results and Time invesment.

You will receive a certificate after completing the e-learning module. It will take approximately 2 hours to successfully complete the e-learning.


Within the Netherlands this e-learning is part of mandatory training trajectory to qualify as an explant surgeon. The Dutch trajectory comprises three training and certification modules: e-learning, training-on-the-job and a Masterclass.


The e-learning module is awarded with 2 credits by the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde.

End User License Agreement

The provider will store the following information: the applicant’s name, title, e-mail address, position, hospital and department. The use of this information is limited to the monitoring and successful completion of the e-learning by the surgeon. The surgeon will be informed about the monitoring by signing an End User License Agreement (EULA) as he/she first logs on to the E-learning. The owner and provider respect and confirm the confidentiality of the surgeon's personal data. Personal data will not be provided to third parties.


The fee is 75 euro per account. This fee is exclusive of VAT.


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