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E-learning Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation 

This E-learning module provides instructions on the techniques needed in the assessment and retrieval of the heart and lungs for transplantation. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the module. The module is reality based and interactive. You will be taken through the process from assessment to surgical retrieval of the heart and lungs. We also have included an appendix on ex vivo lung perfusion (though this may not be available at each centre).

Download the brochure Surgical techniques for Heart and Lung Donation 

E-learning Multi-Organ Donor Procurement Surgery (abdominal organs) 

Surgeons around the world interested in abdominal procurement surgery can benefit from this unique e-learning module on multi organ donation procurement surgery. The module is a mandatory part of the curriculum for Dutch procurement surgeons. The module is in English. Please download the flyer for more details on the e-learning module.

It takes 3 to 4 hours to complete the E-learning module. The module is reality based and completely interactive to keep you engaged and motivated. You will learn about the anatomical variants, the approach and the retrieval procedure of the liver, kidney and pancreas.

Download the brochure Multi-Organ Donor Procurement Surgery

E-learning Weefseldonatie vanuit het ziekenhuis (neem contact op met de donatiecoördinator)